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NOTE: all for sale photos will be deleted by Oct 30, 2020. Jeff Sims Photos. Others are TBD.

I am available to photograph your event, your child(ren), or portraits.

College Recruting Profile and Video Service

Refer to this website.


Senior, family, and/or "fun" portraits are available. Rates are quite reasonable. Please contact me for details. See samples here.


  • youth sports - rec leagues, middle and high school primarily. Have shot at The University of Mary Harden Baylor volleyball and 6-8 year old soccer as well.
  • I still shoot most sports at no upfront cost (aka shoot on speculation that the prints will sell), so contact me (jeff @ if you want me to cover your team. In general, I must have sideline or baseline access and will need your help in advance to contact the coach and organization involved.

Other Information

  • Print pricing is for web based orders only. Local printing and delivery have extra handling fees that start at $5. Ask for a quote.
  • I also provide some Photoshop services and frequently create collages of individuals and teams.
  • For non-spec events, my photography rates start at $40. Contact me (jeff @ to provide details for your event and to obtain a quote. Digital images are usually included in my rates.

Image Numbers

If you need to provide me with image numbers, I will need the date of the event and the actual image numbers. The very best way follows:
  • Go to the gallery of interest
  • Move your mouse slowly over the larger photo on the right, a menu will pop up and one of the choices will be "photo info", click that.
  • A small window will appear and will have two tabs, Basic, Detailed...make sure basic is selected...
  • Near the bottom of this window you will see a file name "IMG_xxxx.jpg". This is the info I need.
  • As you walk thru the photos, this little window will stay up and the image numbers will appear there.

All photos are for non commercial use (also see legal section). If you have any questions, contact me.