Season-Disk - jeffsims

NOTE: all for sale photos will be removed by Oct 30, 2020. Jeff Sims Photos. Others are TBD.

Concierge Service or Season Disk

This is how it works...

  • You get all of the photos I've taken of your child (see note A) on the disk, but do not pay for all of them. This is the initial count. Make sure you read the "what you get":
  • I reduce the count by the team photos/huddle photos I add to the disk
  • I reduce the remaining count by 20% for duplicatey photos. This is the reduced count.
  • I then assume you wouldn't really want to pay for all of the remaining count, so I apply a formula based on how many there are ( initial count less reduced count ), the adjusted count:
The adjusted count is:
- 90% of 30 or less images left
- 80% between 31-49 images left
- 75% of 50 or more images left
  • This leaves the charged for amount, prices are then charged as seen here: ( this is also the link to the regular disk service I provide which is you provide me a list).

An example. There are 75 photos, 10 are team photos, leaving 65 of which I reduce by 15% for duplicatey, leaving 55, then I take 75% of that leaving 41 to charge for at $1.35 apiece plus the concierge fee, tax, shipping if needed.

I'm still not sure this is a good approach from a biz perspective, but it works well for parents.

Note A:> I also may put in the bundle some team/huddle photos, but I may not (a) get every one of those or (b) I might miss a few photos of your child. This is unlikely to save you much money over handpicking the ones you want, but it does save a tremendous amount of your time.