NOTE: all for sale photos will be deleted by Oct 30, 2020. Jeff Sims Photos. Others are TBD.

Legal Stuff

  • Jeff Sims owns the copyright to these photos, unless otherwise noted or arranged.
  • Purchased or specifically gifted images are licensed for any non-commercial usage
  • For commercial usage, contact jeff @

Addition Legal Info

Purchased, specifically gifted, or images marked free refer to prints or digital.
Examples of non-commercial use for purchased or specifically gifted images:
  • print for your family/friends viewing, scrapbooks
  • forward to friends/family
  • put on family websites, digital picture frames, screensavers, backgrounds, myspace, and/or facebook
  • put on sports recruitment websites, but please put "copyright" if at possible
  • use in school related publications or non-profit organizations are also allowed. In these cases, please put courtesy or copyright if possible.
  • scan the photo for YOUR archival purposes.
News publications are authorized for purchased images or specifically gifted images if credited to

Privacy Policy

Upon your request, we will either remove a photo from the website or blur a person from a photo at our discretion. Optionally, if you wish, we can put the photos in a password protected gallery. Please provide the gallery, the image number(s), your relationship to the person and send your request to jeff @ . This is not an absolute guarantee as team photos, for example, may have already been paid for, etc, resulting in a costly reshoot...however, in all cases, we will try to find an amenable solution.

General Policies

  • The text you see on the images will not show up in prints or in the digital downloads.
  • Donations. I frequently donate photos to schools and non-profit organizations. Please contact me directly( jeff @ ).
  • I generally keep photos on the website for at least one year. However, my goal is to keep originals of the online files for at least 3-6 months after they are put online. The online images are compressed and/or cropped. I frequently but do not always keep an original of the photo, but due to the massive number of photos I now have, you should contact me within 30-60 days of the end of a season if you want to discuss options for the image in question.
  • Many photos are already cropped on the website and would not be suitable as a large print. Contact me if you wish me to look at the file first.
  • I will recrop or crop a photo to a specific size at no extra charge if it is possible. Original files ( the very large ones ) may be available for some of the photos. Please contact me for availability and pricing if applicable.

Jeff Sims jeff @