How To - jeffsims

NOTE: all for sale photos will be deleted by Oct 30, 2020. Jeff Sims Photos. Others are TBD.

How to Find Photos

Press the "Find Photos" link at the top of any page. Most of my photos are linked there in an index like manner.

How to Crop

On purchased photos, I -WILL- crop all photos if you do not do so or do not tell me not to !!
Once you have selected all of the photos you want to buy in the cart, press "Checkout".
Then, each photo will have a couple of buttons to its right. One of them is Crop - "Adjust". Click on the "Adjust" button, then using the mouse, grab one of the corners and adjust the crop of the photo to your content.
Don't worry, there is a cancel button.

How to View the Image Larger

  • Move the mouse over the image on the right.
  • Wait a second and a "fly in" box will appear.
  • Choose the image size of choice.

How to Buy

There is a button labeled "Buy", press it and then press either "This photo" or "Photos in this Gallery". You may buy from multiple galleries at one time by many methods, one being by clicking on the "Back to Photos" button in the lower left corner of the "buy" can always then navigate back to the previous galleries by clicking on "Jeff" in the upper left corner. In the checkout screen, you can press the "Continue Browsing Photos" button.
There are a number of print sizes and printable items available. Press the "Buy" button, then the "this photo" link to see what is available for a specific photo. I have been satisfied with the prints I have ordered from SmugMug. They also have a very nice Help Page and Print Guarantee.

How to Get Disk

Look on this page.

How to Specify Image Numbers

If you need to provide me with image numbers, I will need the date of the event and the actual image numbers.
  1. In each gallery of photos, first write down the date of the gallery
  2. Then either move your mouse over the small images on the left side of the screen pausing briefly over each one you want will reveal the image number in a small flyover window -OR- below the image on the right side is a number. Numbers almost always begin with IMG_abcd - I only need the "abcd" part.
  3. Repeat for each photo and each gallery.

How to Order Prints Direct From Me

Primarily, my photos are only available via the website and my price models assume delivery via my website. In some rare cases, I will print photos on your behalf either locally or via my website. These will usually be shipped directly to your house. There is a handling fee for this service. Inquire if this is something you desire.

How to Download the Free Photos

If you aren't sure if you can freely download the image, please ask.
  • first, from the left side, click on the photo of interest
  • this action will bring up the photo on the right side (or bottom) of the browser...if the word proof appears in the photo of interest, you may not download that photo for free.
  • move the mouse slowly onto the image on the right side
  • a small window will slide into view over the image which will have choices to select from
  • select "save photo" from that menu
  • generally, follow the resulting prompts, but remember where you put the photo(s)

How to Contact Me

jeff @ (remove spaces)...please note that email is not completely reliable. If you have not heard from me in 48 hours, please try again. I do NOT ignore customers or potential customers. I have had one recent instance where our internet service was out for nearly 3 days.