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NOTE: all for sale photos will be deleted by Oct 30, 2020. Jeff Sims Photos. Others are TBD.

This page describes purchasing, disk purchases, other products, etc. For new customers, this is a must read. There is a lot of information inside each of the "tabs" at the top of each of my webpages. Click on the ones of interest.


  • Most parents order straight from the website. I do not own the website, I essentially lease it. Prints are made and shipped from Georgia and usually take 5-9 days to arrive.
  • Prices reflect a 15% discount for at least 2 weeks after a gallery is uploaded.
  • Discounted prices start at $1.49 for a 4x6 and $1.87 for a digital download (something designed to print well at 4x6).
  • All of my logos and text are removed from the prints/downloads after you order.
  • Prints, digital downloads, and additional merchandise (for example tshirts and mouse pads) are available.
  • Disk, posters, collages, "zip" files are only ordered direct thru me ( jeff @ jeffsimsphoto.com ). More info can be found via the tabs at the top of each page.
  • You can view larger images - move the mouse over the larger image on the right - a small "fly in" will appear, move your mouse over one of the larger sizes. This will show that image larger - at the top are left and right buttons to scroll thru the images.
  • If you do not want to order via the website, for example you don't want to use a credit card, email me, I will see what I can do.
  • If you experience problems ordering, please let me know.
  • Bad lighting almost always guarantees poor quality photos, blurriness, etc. Most end zones in football are pitifully lit, many gyms have gone to a newer lighting system which is great, but not always. Many photos will have a color cast, where you may see a yellow or green tint to the photo. This is natural and although I usually try to remove it, I sometimes can't. It is the nature of the type of lighting.

How to Buy

  • Near the upper right corner is a Buy button, press it.
  • Select either Buy this image or Photos in this Gallery. For Buy this image, you can select a digital image, by pressing the Download tab on the right. For buying multiple images, you can change the product by pressing the Change Product button in the upper right.
  • Some customers are experiencing problems when ordering, I need to know this. The website owner implies it is a cookies problem.


  • The website owners guarantee the prints.
  • The night games do have "quality" issues - this is unfortunately normal especially from far away, the closer photos (to me) are pretty good
  • Far away night photos should in general not be printed larger than 5x7, ask me about a specific photo is you aren't sure.
  • I do take feedback, if you don't like my photos or would prefer something different for your child, let me know and I'll try.


Feel free to introduce yourself...it really helps to "know the photographer" !! I always feel that I take better photos if I know the parents really want them.


Jeff Sims owns the copyright to all photos. Copyright can be released in certain cases, ask if you need this. You may -not- screen capture in any way any photos on my website.