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NOTE: all for sale photos will be deleted by Oct 30, 2020. Jeff Sims Photos. Others are TBD.

This page describes the main three disk options that are available. ALL disk orders are made directly to me, they are not orderable via the website.

  1. Game disk - all the images from one or more games may be purchased on disk. Click here.
  2. Individual Images on disk - you specify which images you want and I put them on a disk for you. Click here
  3. Individual images on disk - concierge service - I find all of the images of your child and put them on a disk for you. Details are here.
In some cases, the disk can be replaced wiith electronic delivery.

What you get:

  • What you see on the website is what you will get. These are cropped to 4x6 and usually around 1280x1280 pixels. If you need specific photos larger, please ask first. Note that you are purchasing a disk of images intended for 4x6 prints or viewing digitally.
  • Delivery and payment to/from only one parent, cash or checks only.
  • You will get one disk which someone may copy for all parties involved. I will make copies at $7 per copy but without labels.
  • Unlimited printing
  • Defective disk will be replaced. Refunds for game disk are not available.
  • The files are in a moderately high quality jpg format.
  • Disks may be picked up or I'll deliver if we happen to be crossing paths. Local mailing charges are usually $5-7.
  • Sales tax will be added
  • Refer to your purchase rights.
  • Disk are available for nearly all games/events.
  • Please note that CD/DVDs do degrade over time. It is your responsibility to maintain an archival copy of the purchased images.
  • The disk may or may not have a label or written identification...these techniques will wear out the disk prematurely.
  • I reserve the right to not sell a CD of a game or event
  • Jeff Sims retains all copyrights to the images.

Examples of non-commercial use for purchased images or specifically gifted images:

  • print for your family/friends viewing, scrapbooks
  • forward to friends/family
  • put on family websites, digital picture frames, screensavers, backgrounds, myspace, and/or facebook
  • put on sports recruitment websites, but please put "copyright JeffSimsPhoto.com" if at all possible
  • use in school related publications or non-profit organizations are also allowed. In these cases, please put courtesy or copyright JeffSimsPhoto.com if possible.
  • scan the photo for YOUR archival purposes.
News publications are authorized for purchased images or specifically gifted images if credited to JeffSimsPhoto.com. Contact me if you have any questions.


Jeff Sims - jeff @ jeffsimsphoto.com - remove spaces before and after the @ sign.

All photos are for non commercial use (also see legal section). If you have any questions, contact me.