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NOTE: all for sale photos will be deleted by Oct 30, 2020. Jeff Sims Photos. Others are TBD.

Digital files are available for almost all photos. In a gallery, press the "Buy" button near the upper right corner. Press either "This photo" or "Photos in this Gallery" and then a purchase screen appears. Press the "Downloads" tab.

Hi-Res downloads have been removed from direct purchase. The website owner does not allow me to sell the Hi-Res download the way it -needs- to be done. They won't budge on that. So, what I will do, is if you send me the list of photos you want to purchase as Hi-Res downloads (4 MegaPixels, suitable for 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 prints if desired), I will put those in their own gallery for you to purchase. I have to do this because I must resize those photos on my computer and upload them. There is no other way unfortunately. The price for the Hi-Res downloads remains the same ($5.25 or $4.46 within the 14 day discount window). A VERY SPECIAL POINT: the website has 4x6 crops, I usually have more space in the image than seen on the website, so a 5x7 and 8x10 could be printed, but not always. If you really want a certain size, let me know that so I can check. See How to Specify Image Numbers.


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All photos are for non commercial use (also see legal section). If you have any questions, contact me.