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NOTE: all for sale photos will be deleted by Oct 30, 2020. Jeff Sims Photos. Others are TBD.

This page describes the collages and posters that are available.


Custom collages of your child or event must be ordered directly through me (jeff @ or call if you have my business card. DO NOT BUY/ORDER INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS FOR YOUR COLLAGE. If you want specific photos, let me know by email or phone (see Image Numbers section at bottom of this page). Collages can be purchased starting at $35 for an 8"x10"(includes print price but add shipping and tax) or starting at $37 (plus tax) for the digital copy. Depending on your desires and quantity of additional images purchased, prices can be higher or lower. If you want your childs first and/or last name, please provide that upon the order, no extra charge to add that. For collages, I normally select the best photos, however, if there are photos you really like, let me know beforehand. Digital copy can be printed at 8x10 or 16x20, no limits, anywhere you want - but tell them "do not color correct".

Samples can be seen:


Posters must be ordered directly from me (jeff @ These are almost always 8x10, but can be built to nearly any size. 8x10's typically run around $15. See Image Numbers section at bottom of this page.

A name (first and/or last), year, team name will be added at no extra charge. Other information can be added usually at no extra charge.

Some 8x10 typical posters can be seen here (collages are not considered posters):

Some 20x30 CUSTOM posters can be seen here - custom posters are more expensive (These posters hang on the PHS gym wall during their basketball games):

Image Numbers

If you need to provide me with image numbers, I will need the date of the event and the actual image numbers. The very best way follows:
  • Go to the gallery of interest
  • Move your mouse slowly over the larger photo on the right, a menu will pop up and one of the choices will be "photo info", click that.
  • A small window will appear and will have two tabs, Basic, Detailed...make sure basic is selected...
  • Near the bottom of this window you will see a file name "IMG_xxxx.jpg". This is the info I need.
  • As you walk thru the photos, this little window will stay up and the image numbers will appear there.


Jeff Sims - jeff @ - remove spaces before and after the @ sign.

All photos are for non commercial use (also see legal section). If you have any questions, contact me.