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Disk of Images

This option is for a disk of images that you specify, ie, you send me a list of games and the images from those games you wish to purchase. I can also offer discounts if you purchase additional prints, collages and/or posters. Send me what interest you and I'll return a quote.

Make sure you review the "What you get" section on the previous page.

Number of Images Fixed Cost *** Price per Image
less than 30 $3-$10 $2 per image*
30-39 images $10 $1.50 per image
40-49 images $15 $1.35 per image
50+ images $15 $1.25 per image
*** the intent is this fee is per sport per year. The reason is that it takes a long time for me to find the photos and it is not fair to expect me to locate files across multiple sports across multiple years for the base rate. Let me know what you want and I will return a quote. * discounts are possible if ordered within 14 days of a gallery upload

Examples (fixed cost + Number of images*$per image):

  • 20 images would be $50
  • 30 images would be $55
  • 50 images would be $77.50

I accept cash, checks, or PayPal. All prices plus tax. Pick up is usually preferred, but I'll deliver if we are at the same games. Mailing charges extra, usually around $5-7 (local).

Contact me if you wish different sizes or combinations of sizes.

Digital Packages. All disk package pricing is unique per order, so send me what interest you and I'll return a quote.

From You

From you I need:
  • the image numbers (next section) and "Required Format", below.
  • if you want them in different sizes than 4x6
  • if you want any other products (collages, posters, etc.)

I will return you a quote.

The Catch

Use the following instructions to generate a list of files (see the "Required Format" section first):
  1. In each gallery of photos, first write down the date of the gallery
  2. Then either move your mouse over the small images on the left side of the screen pausing briefly over each one you want will reveal the image number in a small flyover window -OR- below the image on the right side is a number. Numbers almost always begin with IMG_abcd - I only need the "abcd" part.
  3. Repeat for each photo and each gallery.

This list can be sent to me in an email.

Required Format

I will need the following in exactly this format.

Game Date
image number ( these are the 4 digits without the leading "IMG_" or trailing ".jpg" )
image number
image number

Game Date
image number
image number



Jeff Sims - jeff @ - remove spaces before and after the @ sign.

All photos are for non commercial use only (also see legal section). If you have any questions, contact me.